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At Hanh Nguyen Logistics, we supply a comprehensive and close-loop supply chain for agricultural production, consisting of:

Main services:

  • Warehouse rental service
  • Mall kiosk rental services for displaying exporting agricultural products
  • Trading export and domestic agricultural products
  • Preliminary processing, quick freezing, packing service for agricultural products
  • Irradiation treatment service for agricultural products
  • Materials supplying service
  • Refrigerated transport services

Other services:

  • Laboratory service
  • Import & export declaration service
  • E-commerce platforms for trading agricultural products
  • Advanced technology agriculture center
  • Loading & unloading cargo service and other services

Hanh Nguyen Logistics supply service of cool and cold storage for lease with the following capacity:

Cool storage

Cold storage


Capacity:17.000 pallets


Capacity:17.000 pallets

Equipped with industrial air-conditioning system to ensure the storage temperature is always stable according to the set temperature.

Heat-proof,  moisture-proof by PU panel.


The storage system of Hanh Nguyen is kept fresh, spacious, and clean. The storage is equipped with modern facilities, the goods are sorted in an optimized order. The warehouse uses the Double-Deep Rack system following international standard with seven – storey racks, which is classified clearly into location of range, column and row.

Hanh Nguyen storage fully using equipment with meeting the safe standard

  • Camera system operates 24/24
  • More than 20TB of central storage data, which can store data for 1 year.
  • Operators can directly access and control the entire management system at any time through a mobile application.
  • Automatic fire protection system works 24/24 and is always checked periodically.
  • Multi-level security system provided by a professional security company to ensure client's goods are always in a safe condition with the best quality.

Located in Giang province, an agricultural product supplying region of Mekong River Delta, and Vietnam. Hanh Nguyen Logistics Center is only 10 km from Cai Cui port (Can Tho City) and approximately 15 km from Can Tho downtown, which is a convenient location to distribute goods to Western provinces, Ho Chi Minh City and Eastern provinces of Vietnam.

We quarantee to bring the best quality at a reasonable price with 3 services:

  • Ground rent service
  • Kiosk rental service to trade agricultural products
  • Storage warehouse rental service

Contact our HOTLINE: 093 978 0777

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