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Laboratory service

Service information

AgriLab-Agriculture product laboratory center supplies for customer the testing service with criteria as Trustful – Quick – Reasonable (Trustful result, quick method of sampling and returning result, reasonable price).
With Europe's advanced technology equipment system which meeting VILAS standard, together with a team of experts with extensive professional knowledge and years of experience, customers will correctly assess the quality of each product in accordance with the regulations of each market and supply chain.
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Testing fields:


Analysis of indicator microorganisms and pathogenic microorganisms to assess the state of safety and hygiene. Analyze the risks of poisoning or transmission of products: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, water, soil, air, etc.

B. Spectrum and chromatography:

 Help customer check pesticide residues, antibiotic residues, heavy metals, nutritional ingredients, etc of agricultural and aquatic products in particular and food in general.

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