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  • Phu Huu A Industrial Zone - Stage 1, Mai Dam Town, Chau Thanh District, Hau Giang Province

Kiosk for trading agricultural products

Service information

>Kiosk for trading agricultural products

Hau Giang Export Agricultural Product Logistics Center has 200 kiosks for rent to display agricultural products

Area: 50 m2/kiosk

Located on the main road of Mai Dam town, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province, which is 11 km from Can Tho city

Quotation of Service of kiosk center for lease to display exporting agricultural products


Ground for lease

The total area of ground for rent is about 6.000m2, consisting of a meeting hall with 1.000 seats, bank offices, restaurants, other kinds of entertainment and convenient services.

Quotation of Service of ground for lease:

>Renting kiosks at Hanh Nguyen Logistics will bring the following benefits::

- Our Clients can choose kiosk locations to trade, display export, domestic agricultural products and processed products, etc.

- Our Clients can do marketing, advertise, and hold events in the Center's halls.

- Our center is an attracting place for local and international customers to visit. So, our clients can display their products and find potential customer. 

- Our center is a place for farmers and enterprises to promote Mekong Delta agricultural brands and Vietnamese agricultural products to international markets such as: fresh fruits, processed products from fruit, ect.

- It is also a place to distribute domestic agricultural products to retail markets in the Western Vietnam and neighboring regions.

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Benefit of renting Ground at Hanh Nguyen Logistics Center:

- The meeting hall has space for 1.000 people attending and fully equipped seats which are suitable to hold meetings, workshops, events, etc.

- Support from banks to provide clients payment methods to help our clients make payments quickly, and conveniently to avoid risks.

- The restaurant area with a variety of styles: Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, etc is available 24/24 to help our clients enjoy food conveniently. Customers can choose traditional Vietnamese popular restaurant services or high-class restaurant services when they need to entertain guests.

- Convenience stores supply groceries for customers.

- And other types of entertainment and convenience services such as spa, gym, hair salon, billiard club, coffee shop, etc.

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