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Agricultural products irradiant treatment service

Service information

Using fruit irradiation line from Europe with the capacity of 500 tons/day help to optimize customers’ need to increase the quality, assure food safety and meet necessary requirement of importing food into some countries in the world with high quality requirement. Introduction about modern irradiation system:

The advantages of using irradiation treatment service at Hau Giang Export Agricultural Product Logistics Center

- Using the technology of irradiation treatment by electronic beam technology (EB) created from a linear accelerator. Do not use radioisotopes for treatment, leaving no residue after treatment.

- The radiation processing speed of the electron beam system is 3 times faster than that of the old irradiation technology system that uses radioisotopes.

- Handle many different types of products with diverse sizes (fresh fruits, juice, etc). In particular, there is the ability to irradiate products on pallet with dimensions of 1.8m x 1.2m.

- Modern dosing software helps to determine the dosage quickly and suitable for each type of products.

- Reasonable price, flexible payment terms

- Protecting the environment thanks to not using irradiation source.

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Benefit of irradiation

- Help food clean, safe and decrease risk of infection, help to protect customers’ health.

- Do not change the physical condition and nutritional ingredients.

- Keep the natural flavor in food.

- Long last the shelf life.

- Do not leave residue after the treatment process.

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