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Irradiantion treatment service for agricultural products

Service information

Our European fruit irradiation treatment system has the capacity of processing 500 tons a day. By irradiation treating, client’s goods increase sharply in quality, assure food safety standards and meet high standards from fastidious markets. Introduction to our modern irradiation treatment system:

The advantages of using irradiation treatment services at Hau Giang Export Agricultural Product Logistics Center

- The irradiation treatment system using electron beam technology (EB) created from a linear accelerator, which is the most advanced and safest solution. The products after irradiation treatment are not radioactive.

- The radiation treating speed of the electron beam system is 3 times faster than that of the old irradiation technology system that uses radioisotopes.

- Handle many different types of products with different sizes (fresh fruits, juice, etc). Our irradiation system can handle big size pallets of 1.8 x 1.2 meters.

- Modern dosing software can quickly determine the right dosage for each type of product.

- Reasonable price, flexible payment terms

- Environment friendly because the whole process does not use irradiation sources.

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Benefit of irradiation treatment

- Make food cleaner, safer and decrease risk of infection, protecting customer’s health.

- Do not change the physical condition and preserve nutritions.

- Keep the original flavor in food.

- Increase storage time.

- Do not make fruits radioactive.

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