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Preliminary processing, quick freezing, packing service for agricultural products

Service information

Preliminary processing, quick freezing, packing service for agricultural products:

The process is strictly implemented following international food standards such as ISO, HACCP, BRC, etc. Client’s goods will fully meet all standards for exporting to fastidious markets.


After processing, the products will be sent to the freezing system. With two-stage freezing system using ammonia refrigerator, air blast freezer and refrigeration compressor with the capacity of 50 tons per day.

Characteristics of freezing system:

- Quickly freezing at – 450C


- The refrigeration control system is monitored and controlled all functions through Siemens PLC automatic devices.

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Sorting, washing, and packing fresh agricultural goods services.

Sorting and washing

Fully automated line of sorting, washing, packing fresh agricultural products from Europe that has the capacity of processing 1.000 tons/day

The automated system has 4 separate lines which operate continuously 24 hours a day to provide services from preliminary processing to packaging for over 40 popular fruits in Vietnam: Dragon fruit, Durian, Soursop, Passion fruit, Jackfruit, etc.


Packing process is strictly monitored from labeling to finishing stages.

Ensure keeping track of product origin, and always ready for customer to check

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