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E-commer exchanges for agricultural products

Service information

AGRIEMART AGRIEMART E-COMMERCE JOINT STOCK COMPANY AGRIEMART referred to as AGRI-EMART, which operates mainly in the field of e-commerce transactions on website AGRIEMART.VN and multi-platform AGRIEMART application software.
Accompanying with the mission "As a bridge of Vietnamese agriculture and the world market" of Hanh Nguyen Logistics, AgriEmart was born with the mission of contributing to enhancing the value and image of Vietnamese agricultural products
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Aims to create an e-commerce platform:

+ Connecting all factors in the agricultural supply chain including: Agricultural suppliers, processing, certification processors, warehouse, shipping and payment.

+ Based on a system of intelligent exchanges that selects, connects and supports units to meet the standards and capabilities to export Vietnamese agricultural products to the global market.

+ Providing customers with electronic booths to display and introduce customers' products in order to help customers improve their ability in marketing, advertising as well as signing transactions with partners. Opening up more opportunities to support customers to access the world market besides the traditional direct trading operations.

+ Applying internet technology to support fast and safe online transactions, eliminating unnecessary intermediary costs to minimize risks and optimize profits in trading transactions.

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