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  • Phu Huu A Industrial Zone - Stage 1, Mai Dam Town, Chau Thanh District, Hau Giang Province

Materials supplying service

Service information

Being a part of Hau Giang Export Agricultural Product Logistics Center, Agri Services provides solutions to support the export and domestic sectors and helps to increase the efficiency in the supply chain of exporting agricultural products services.
Our products and services are guaranteed to have good quality and environment-friendly by using safe and recyclable materials.
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We offer a wide variety of materials, which are:

- Suit for all types of transportation (ships, aircraft, trucks, bulk cargo, container cargo, etc.).

- Optimized size for storing on pallets or in containers.

- High durability to withstand impact, during storing, loading and transportation.

- Suitable for different meteorological conditions.

-Protect packed products from becoming smelly, musty or damaged.

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