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  • Phu Huu A Industrial Zone - Stage 1, Mai Dam Town, Chau Thanh District, Hau Giang Province

Loading & unloading cargo service and other services

Service information

Loading & unloading cargo service:

+ Loading and unloading goods service is available 24/24 by a professional team.

+ Goods are kept and transported in the fastest, safest way.

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Other services:

+ Reefer container power supply service, 24/24 parking slot.

+ Cleaning: Clean containers to transport goods well and avoid damage.

+ Containerizing: Export and domestic containers are optimized size and durability for transportation safety.

+ Loading and unloading goodsgoods: Lift pallets or individual packages according to the client’s need for checking and changing packages..

+ Transfering container: Transfer goods quickly, conveniently and optimally.

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